Monday, 30 January 2012

Pregnancy: Week 7

I am 7 weeks pregnant today yipee!!

Me, MR.B & Alesha went to Sunderland Early pregnancy unit on Wednesday, to attend the appointment I had for an early internal scan to make sure all was okay with this pregnancy.

MR.B waited downstairs with Alesha because it wouldn't be a nice sight for her haha!

The lady doing the scan was very nice and made me feel at ease. 
It was a lovely feeling when I heard "all is okay with this pregnancy, the baby is in the correct place and look you can see it's heart beat", I looked at the screen to see a flickering heart, that made my heart flicker

I was told that I have a tilted uterus but it is nothing to worry about.

My first midwife appointment will be in a few days, so I need to get all the paper work filled in and ready for her.

Now it's time to talk about my morning sickness "yuck"!
It is an utter pain in the backside, I cannot sleep,eat or rest properly because I am feeling sick constant! I have been sick twice in the morning, so far!

Yesterday evening, I felt so so weak because all I had managed to eat was 2 slices of toast and nibble on a few chips, which isn't good for me and the little bean.

I rang the doctors up this morning to make an appointment to see if I can get any sickness tablets or something.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

2Years Old & Toilet Trained

It was a few weeks before Christmas and Alesha started to pay internet in the toilet.

Every morning the first thing I do is go to the toilet and sometimes Alesha follows me in, so she has therefore seen me many of times using the toilet.

She surprised me one winter's morning, when I had finished using  the toilet Alesha said, "mummy Alesha wee wee on toilet", so I picked her up and placed her onto the toilet (not expecting her to wee) and out comes a little trickle of urine, I was very proud of my little girl, so I gave her a big bear hug and said "well done for having a wee on the toilet", I then went on to ask her if she would like a little sweet as a reward for using the toilet, to which she replied "yes pleaseeeee mummy" haha!

That was the first day the toilet training started, throughout that day I kept asking her every 15-20 minutes if she needed to wee to tell mummy so I can take her to the toilet, she had one accident that day but used the toilet a handful of times.
 It's been a few weeks since then, Alesha is now dry during the day and wears a pair of knickers.
We put a nappy on her when she is having a nap and when she is going to bed at night time. 

I think plenty of praise every time they use the toilet works wonders, another thing that has made Alesha want to use the toilet more is the fact she knows she gets to choose a little jelly sweet each time from the sweety jar!

Alesha is 25 month's and I am very proud she has decided to want to use the toilet early on, as I was honestly dreading the thought of toilet training.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Pregnant With Baby Number 2

After the very upsetting news in October that I had to have an operation because for ectopic pregnancy, it felt like  the whole world just fell to pieces!

Since then I have managed to get back to the old happy mummy/fiancĂ©e for the sake of my wonderful fiancĂ© and daughter.

Me and Mr.B started trying to another baby in December, little did we think I would get pregnant this quick, we honestly thought it would take quite some time considering I had to have my right tube removed due to the ectopic.

I decided to bite the bullet Saturday and do a pregnancy test because I was 3 days late and yes you guessed it, 2 strong lines appeared on the test. I stood in shock for a couple of seconds staring at the test, my mind in another world. 
After a few seconds I shouted "Andy come in here a minute please", he walked in with a huge smile across his face and I said look 'pointing to the test'! The smiled remained on his face but by this time it had got a little bigger! 

Later that night I decided to do another test and the result was the same, 2 very strong lines appeared on the stick! 
When I was discharged from hospital I was told to ring the doctor a.s.a.p if I fell pregnant again because I would need an internal scan very early on and also a close eye would needed to be kept on me. 
It was the weekend so the doctor surgery wasn't opened, therefore I had to wait until this morning and "my O my" did Sunday drag.

Anyways, I rang first thing this morning at 8.30am and I was given an appointment for 9.10am tomorrow.
I'm very excited but also nervous at the same time because of the previous pregnancy.

Will keep everyone updated throughout the process.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Holidays With Free Child Places

Do you have a big family and hate having to pay extra for each child? Well not anymore because Google has seen alot of me recently, as I have been trailing the web looking for travel agents that offer 'free child places'.

We are looking to go abroad the beginning of September, Mr.B has never been anywhere other than Ireland, so it would be lovely for him to experience his first time abroad with his daughter on her first time abroad! 

I have only been to Borovets,Bulgaria once on a skiing holiday, which I absolutely loved and once to Benidorm to meet up with a guy that I was seeing at the time, but he stood me up in Benidorm by not showing up, so I was in tears in a country I had never visited before, let alone speak the language.
Luckily I had enough money on me to get a taxi back to the airport and fork out a large amount of money for a flight back home that day!

Anyways, here are some useful links that are offering 'free child places' and some are also doing low deposits, I hope someone will find these useful.

I am still on the look out for a low-cost holiday, as of yet I haven't booked anything.
We are going to Haggerston Castle, Haven the end of March with my InLaws when they come over from Ireland, so we can't complain this year and say "were fed up of being stuck at home"!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review:Crazy Soaps

                                Let the funtime begin!
From a few months old, Alesha has always enjoyed bath-time, to the extent where she now does one of her screechy loud cries because it's time to get out of the bath.

She was very happy to see she had new bath product's to try out from 'Crazy Soap' and didn't wait about, as that night she put one of the product's to the test!

Alesha sprayed a tiny amount of 'fun soap foam' at first and the scent was lovely, I dabbed a little on my hand and yummy it smelt good enough to eat!
It stated on the can that the foam can be moulded into any shape so we gave it a try, we both made foam balls which then floated on the water, amazing huh?
The 'fun soap foam' is available in 2 colours, white and green and retails at £2.00 per 225ml bottle.
The body paint was also another great product from Crazy Soaps, Alesha had loads of fun painting her arms red and her legs blue, much more fun than using ordinary body wash. 
She was amazed with the colours because they didn't dissolve after a couple of seconds, the deep red and blue was still there for her to have fun with. 
These also had a lovely scent, not that Alesha would of noticed because she was too busy having fun!
The 'body paint' is available in 2 colours, red and blue and retails at £2.49 per 150ml tube.
The 'bath goo' is aimed at more older children because Alesha was unsure of it at first and didn't see the fun part to it. 
With this cool goo you can also use it was a body wash or even as bubble bath. It's a yellow colour just as you expect goo to be!
This 'bath goo' retails at £2.99 per 250ml tub, enough to last for a while!
I can honestly say Alesha has had loads of fun using these and they are definitely on my 'to buy' list, why don't you give them a try? Make bath-time fun by introducing Crazy Soap!

You can find Crazy Soaps right here on Facebook.