Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Holidays With Free Child Places

Do you have a big family and hate having to pay extra for each child? Well not anymore because Google has seen alot of me recently, as I have been trailing the web looking for travel agents that offer 'free child places'.

We are looking to go abroad the beginning of September, Mr.B has never been anywhere other than Ireland, so it would be lovely for him to experience his first time abroad with his daughter on her first time abroad! 

I have only been to Borovets,Bulgaria once on a skiing holiday, which I absolutely loved and once to Benidorm to meet up with a guy that I was seeing at the time, but he stood me up in Benidorm by not showing up, so I was in tears in a country I had never visited before, let alone speak the language.
Luckily I had enough money on me to get a taxi back to the airport and fork out a large amount of money for a flight back home that day!

Anyways, here are some useful links that are offering 'free child places' and some are also doing low deposits, I hope someone will find these useful.

I am still on the look out for a low-cost holiday, as of yet I haven't booked anything.
We are going to Haggerston Castle, Haven the end of March with my InLaws when they come over from Ireland, so we can't complain this year and say "were fed up of being stuck at home"!

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