Monday, 16 January 2012

Pregnant With Baby Number 2

After the very upsetting news in October that I had to have an operation because for ectopic pregnancy, it felt like  the whole world just fell to pieces!

Since then I have managed to get back to the old happy mummy/fiancée for the sake of my wonderful fiancé and daughter.

Me and Mr.B started trying to another baby in December, little did we think I would get pregnant this quick, we honestly thought it would take quite some time considering I had to have my right tube removed due to the ectopic.

I decided to bite the bullet Saturday and do a pregnancy test because I was 3 days late and yes you guessed it, 2 strong lines appeared on the test. I stood in shock for a couple of seconds staring at the test, my mind in another world. 
After a few seconds I shouted "Andy come in here a minute please", he walked in with a huge smile across his face and I said look 'pointing to the test'! The smiled remained on his face but by this time it had got a little bigger! 

Later that night I decided to do another test and the result was the same, 2 very strong lines appeared on the stick! 
When I was discharged from hospital I was told to ring the doctor a.s.a.p if I fell pregnant again because I would need an internal scan very early on and also a close eye would needed to be kept on me. 
It was the weekend so the doctor surgery wasn't opened, therefore I had to wait until this morning and "my O my" did Sunday drag.

Anyways, I rang first thing this morning at 8.30am and I was given an appointment for 9.10am tomorrow.
I'm very excited but also nervous at the same time because of the previous pregnancy.

Will keep everyone updated throughout the process.


  1. Congratulations, I hope that all is well x

  2. Big congrats...hope all goes well with the scan.