Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review:Crazy Soaps

                                Let the funtime begin!
From a few months old, Alesha has always enjoyed bath-time, to the extent where she now does one of her screechy loud cries because it's time to get out of the bath.

She was very happy to see she had new bath product's to try out from 'Crazy Soap' and didn't wait about, as that night she put one of the product's to the test!

Alesha sprayed a tiny amount of 'fun soap foam' at first and the scent was lovely, I dabbed a little on my hand and yummy it smelt good enough to eat!
It stated on the can that the foam can be moulded into any shape so we gave it a try, we both made foam balls which then floated on the water, amazing huh?
The 'fun soap foam' is available in 2 colours, white and green and retails at £2.00 per 225ml bottle.
The body paint was also another great product from Crazy Soaps, Alesha had loads of fun painting her arms red and her legs blue, much more fun than using ordinary body wash. 
She was amazed with the colours because they didn't dissolve after a couple of seconds, the deep red and blue was still there for her to have fun with. 
These also had a lovely scent, not that Alesha would of noticed because she was too busy having fun!
The 'body paint' is available in 2 colours, red and blue and retails at £2.49 per 150ml tube.
The 'bath goo' is aimed at more older children because Alesha was unsure of it at first and didn't see the fun part to it. 
With this cool goo you can also use it was a body wash or even as bubble bath. It's a yellow colour just as you expect goo to be!
This 'bath goo' retails at £2.99 per 250ml tub, enough to last for a while!
I can honestly say Alesha has had loads of fun using these and they are definitely on my 'to buy' list, why don't you give them a try? Make bath-time fun by introducing Crazy Soap!

You can find Crazy Soaps right here on Facebook.

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