Friday, 23 March 2012

Rangemaster Competition - Win a Rangemaster worth £1,999‏

Rangemaster are cooking up a storm with their biggest and best ever Facebook competition – the chance to win a Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 90 worth £1,999, a revolutionary mini range cooker that fits perfectly into the smaller kitchen.

At 90cm the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 90 ( is in a class of its own. A sleek and stylish ‘mini’ range cooker perfect for those smaller kitchens. Boasting a five burner hot plate with a triple ring wok burner, two A rated ovens with a combined cooking capacity of 135 litres and catalytic liners which keep the oven as clean as possible with minimum effort. The left hand multi-function oven includes a Rapid Response function that reduces heat up time by 30%, and a porthole door allowing you to check food easily. It’s the perfect prize for the discerning home cook and it could be yours by simply entering this sweepstake competition...

How to enter:
Simply ‘Like’ , enter your contact details and you could be in with a chance of winning the Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 90. Two runners-up will also win Rangemaster pan sets worth approximately £129.

Competition start date – Thursday 22nd March 2012
Competition finish date – Monday 30th April 2012
Competition winners announced – Friday 4th May 2012

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mother's Day Card By A 2Year Old

It's been a while since I took Alesha to our local SureStart centre in Murton, the last time I took her there was just before Christmas, when I had fully recovered after my Ectopic pregnancy operation.

Mr.B was at work today, me and Alesha has nothing planned so I decided to get us dressed and go for a walk to the SureStart.

I always feel nervous when I go into the playroom which is filled with many adults and children!

I was always a shy girl growing up but my shyness got worse when I gave birth to Alesha in December 2009, now I only need someone to say hi to me or Alesha and my face goes bright red, "VERY EMBARRASSING"!

Today there was more people than last time, but I managed not to go red alot, only because the only person that spoke to me was the member of staff.

Alesha had loads of fun playing with the sand and water but even more fun painting me a Mother's Day card!
It's a card that I am going to treasure forever because it's a Mother's Day card and because she printed her handprints inside!

Now we are back home and she is doing more painting and sticking, the only downfall this time is that I've got to clean up the mess, HAHA!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review: Chang Beer

Mr.B doesn't drink as much as he used to, that's ever since he got with me! But he still likes to have the odd 1 or 2 bottles here and there after a hard day at work.

I like to enjoy the odd glass of Rose wine whilst relaxing in the evening and watching the soaps, at the minute I look forward to Saturday nights for 'Take Me Out', very cheesy haha!

Mr.B was looking forward to trying the bottle of Chang beer we was sent in the post for review. He said he has never tried any Asain larger or beer before!
After Mr.B had a few mouthful's of the beer he could taste the difference between this beer and his usual. He went on to say that he couldn't pin point the taste but it wasn't a nice. I asked if he would ever purchase a bottle and he said "no", plain and simple!

      I never thought men were hard to please when it came to alcohol, but looks like Mr.B is!

Useful Info About Chang Beer
Whether it's a drink to enjoy with friends, to accompany a delicious meal, or to unwind on a Saturday night, Chang Beer is the answer!

Made using the finest quality malt, hops and deep well water, Chang Beer is brewed using a unique blend of ingredients to match the spicy flavours of traditional Thai cuisine. Complex aromas of smoky, peaty green apples and vanilla, and a full-bodied flavour with light citrus notes, make it the perfect accompaniment to the exotic tastes and textures of Thai cooking. 

Experts at Chang Beer have worked closely with top Thai chefs to devise a selection of mouth-watering, traditional Thai recipes with a twist. To find out more about Chang Beer's Thai Food Guide and to try cooking the recips at home, visit

You can find Chang beer in the supermarkets, online and even in some local shops.

Tesco sells a 640ml bottle of Chang Beer for £2.19.

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 8 March 2012

12 Week Scan

When I found out I was pregnant I never expected to be as excited as much because I had been through it all before!
BUT, lastnight I couldn't sleep, I kept tossing and turning, kicking the blanket off then pulling it back up. Let's just say I was very excited and couldn't wait for the following day because I was having my 12 week scan with baby number 2!

It was MR.B's day off work so he came along to see ickle baby and so did our darling daughter Alesha.
As soon as Alesha saw the baby on the screen she was shouting "look baby baby", so cute!

I was very surprised to see how clear the scan photos were comparing to Alesha's, the sonographer said it was because I was nice and slim, 'that made me smile'!

I thought I was only 12weeks plus 3 days today, a few more days got added on, so I'm 13weeks today.

I am now looking forward to the gender scan because we have decided to find out the sex of the baby, with Alesha we didn't find out but purely because when we lived in Scotland they weren't allowed to tell you the sex of the baby.

Now it's time to buy some swinwear for our holiday to Haven, so roll on Haven!


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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lazy Day At Home

Since the morning sickness has started, I find myself not going very far with Alesha. 
It's either to the library to relax and read some books or else to our local play group, which is only 2 minutes walk from our house.
I don't go far because if it's 'one of those days' where I get sick more than twice then I am just a short walk home. 
I couldn't imagine being stuck on a bus for 45minutes URGH!!

Today is a 'lazy day at home' whilst MR.B is working his butt off for pennies for us all!
I'm going to have more of a lazy day but Alesha is going to have a fun day because MR.B bought her a pack of balloons, bottle of bubble solution, Cbeebies magazine and some chocolate.

Lastnight my brain wasn't working properly because I put Alesha to bed with no nappy on, "yes no nappy"!
I didn't realise until she woke up this morning shouting "mummy wee wee in bed"! 
I wasn't think anything of it because I thought I put a nappy on her, so zombie mummy opens her bedroom door and the smell of urine WOW!

So the fun begin at 6.45am, it's now 11.00am and I'm thinking "roll on naptime 12 noon"!

Alesha wears knickers during the day and also when she is having her afternoon nap, but it looks like she won't be wearing knickers at night-time anytime soon.