Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lazy Day At Home

Since the morning sickness has started, I find myself not going very far with Alesha. 
It's either to the library to relax and read some books or else to our local play group, which is only 2 minutes walk from our house.
I don't go far because if it's 'one of those days' where I get sick more than twice then I am just a short walk home. 
I couldn't imagine being stuck on a bus for 45minutes URGH!!

Today is a 'lazy day at home' whilst MR.B is working his butt off for pennies for us all!
I'm going to have more of a lazy day but Alesha is going to have a fun day because MR.B bought her a pack of balloons, bottle of bubble solution, Cbeebies magazine and some chocolate.

Lastnight my brain wasn't working properly because I put Alesha to bed with no nappy on, "yes no nappy"!
I didn't realise until she woke up this morning shouting "mummy wee wee in bed"! 
I wasn't think anything of it because I thought I put a nappy on her, so zombie mummy opens her bedroom door and the smell of urine WOW!

So the fun begin at 6.45am, it's now 11.00am and I'm thinking "roll on naptime 12 noon"!

Alesha wears knickers during the day and also when she is having her afternoon nap, but it looks like she won't be wearing knickers at night-time anytime soon.

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