Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mother's Day Card By A 2Year Old

It's been a while since I took Alesha to our local SureStart centre in Murton, the last time I took her there was just before Christmas, when I had fully recovered after my Ectopic pregnancy operation.

Mr.B was at work today, me and Alesha has nothing planned so I decided to get us dressed and go for a walk to the SureStart.

I always feel nervous when I go into the playroom which is filled with many adults and children!

I was always a shy girl growing up but my shyness got worse when I gave birth to Alesha in December 2009, now I only need someone to say hi to me or Alesha and my face goes bright red, "VERY EMBARRASSING"!

Today there was more people than last time, but I managed not to go red alot, only because the only person that spoke to me was the member of staff.

Alesha had loads of fun playing with the sand and water but even more fun painting me a Mother's Day card!
It's a card that I am going to treasure forever because it's a Mother's Day card and because she printed her handprints inside!

Now we are back home and she is doing more painting and sticking, the only downfall this time is that I've got to clean up the mess, HAHA!

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