Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review: Chang Beer

Mr.B doesn't drink as much as he used to, that's ever since he got with me! But he still likes to have the odd 1 or 2 bottles here and there after a hard day at work.

I like to enjoy the odd glass of Rose wine whilst relaxing in the evening and watching the soaps, at the minute I look forward to Saturday nights for 'Take Me Out', very cheesy haha!

Mr.B was looking forward to trying the bottle of Chang beer we was sent in the post for review. He said he has never tried any Asain larger or beer before!
After Mr.B had a few mouthful's of the beer he could taste the difference between this beer and his usual. He went on to say that he couldn't pin point the taste but it wasn't a nice. I asked if he would ever purchase a bottle and he said "no", plain and simple!

      I never thought men were hard to please when it came to alcohol, but looks like Mr.B is!

Useful Info About Chang Beer
Whether it's a drink to enjoy with friends, to accompany a delicious meal, or to unwind on a Saturday night, Chang Beer is the answer!

Made using the finest quality malt, hops and deep well water, Chang Beer is brewed using a unique blend of ingredients to match the spicy flavours of traditional Thai cuisine. Complex aromas of smoky, peaty green apples and vanilla, and a full-bodied flavour with light citrus notes, make it the perfect accompaniment to the exotic tastes and textures of Thai cooking. 

Experts at Chang Beer have worked closely with top Thai chefs to devise a selection of mouth-watering, traditional Thai recipes with a twist. To find out more about Chang Beer's Thai Food Guide and to try cooking the recips at home, visit

You can find Chang beer in the supermarkets, online and even in some local shops.

Tesco sells a 640ml bottle of Chang Beer for £2.19.

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