Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pregnancy: 23 Weeks - Sore Hips

I dreaded the day when that sharp aching pain would come back and attack my hips and thighs!

Well, I am currently 23weeks 2 days and today I have been in agony, to the point where it took me a few minutes to get up from the couch. 
The pain was shooting down the right hand side hip and down into my thigh.
As soon as I stood up and put pressure on my leg I couldn't help but moan "OW OW OW"!

I suffered very bad with it when I was pregnant with Alesha, it got to the stage where Andy would find me in bed in tears, as I struggled to get on with my day to day routines. 
I have started to ask Alesha to pick stuff  up from the floor, instead of me bending down.
Plus tonight I made her walk up the stairs to bed instead of me carrying her.
The bath is calling me, so I think I will finish eating my sandwich and then go have a lovely soak in the bath (hopefully watch my belly move from the baby kicking).
Afterwards I may get Mr.B to massage oil or lotion onto my aching hips and thighs, but then again... the Champions League final is onto tonight!

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