Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Family Visit To Dewsbury

Upside sunglasses is fashion lol!
Yesterday we got up nice and early at 7.00am, me and Mr.B were both up before Alesha, "that makes a change"!

We were up nice and early to we get the house cleaned and sandwich's made for our 1 1/2 hour car journey to Dewsbury.

Some of Mr. B's family live in Dewsbury, his cousin is leaving next week to move to Australia, so Mr.B really wanted to try get down to see him before he left on his travels.

Alesha was very well behaved, no wee accident's in the car. She informed me and her daddy when she needed the toilet, so we pulled into the next service station, so proud of her!

Alesha was happy when we got to Dewsbury because Mr.B's cousin has 4 children (1whom is leaving to go Australia) and the youngest is a girl a little bit older than Alesha.
The 2 of them were happily playing out in the big beautiful doll's house in the back garden.
Alesha in the doll's house
Mr.B's cousin was trying to find a very old video of him when he was a little baby to show me, she was sat for ages going through loads of VCR's but it wasn't one of the many she tried, she was so determined though bless her, a lovely woman!
Me & bump at 27weeks
We all had a lovely day, the sunshine was out and Mr.B got to say his goodbye to his cousin, so that was good. 

On the way back home it didn't take Alesha long to fall asleep in her carseat holding onto her baby.
Fast asleep on the way home

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