Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pregnancy: Week 26

The last few days have flown by!

It's seems unreal to think that I have only 14 more weeks to go until due date, I better start handing some pennies over for baby stuff.

By this stage with Alesha we had bought tons of stuff, but so far with this pregnancy we have only bought a few outfits for 0-3 & 3-6, plus a crib and bumbo seat. We have also got the bouncer chair which Alesha used so going to re-use that again, it will save us handing over some pennies for a new one. 
"Every penny count's"!

I have decided to be very brave and go to the Aqua-natal session next week at my local swimming pool. 
Let's hope there isn't too much madness involved because I can't swim, it's a scary fear of mine that I'm pleased hasn't rubbed off on Alesha, she is a total water baby, just like her daddy!

One thing for sure is I won't be seen in a bikini again because my stomach is quite hairy, very noticeable because their dark hair's.
It's my own fault because in my early teens I remember seeing a little hair around my belly button so silly me decided to shaving my stomach and ever since they hair growth has got worse, very embarrassing!

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