Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Start4Life supporting mums-to-be and new parents‏

With so much information and advice around, it can be difficult for parents-to-be to know what to do for the best, so a Start4Life team of medical experts, midwives and health visitors has pulled together the essential information, to help new parents focus on the most important things they can do to improve their health and that of their baby. This information can be found on the Start4Life website and also focuses on mothers cutting out risky health behaviours like smoking and drinking too much during pregnancy.

Recent stats show that:
  • one in 10 continue smoking throughout pregnancy – though it significantly increases the risk of stillbirth, cot death or lung problems;
  • almost one in 10 drink more than the recommended lower-risk pregnancy guidelines - increasing the risk of miscarriage or still birth and stunting growth; and
  • one in six are obese – despite potential for a more difficult pregnancy, riskier birth and a less healthy baby.

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