Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Monday morning I was trying to think of something we could do as a family to pass an hour that would be fun for Alesha.
We decided to make some paper mache mask's, so I sent Mr B to the shops to get the items while I cleared the table and got Alesha ready.

When Mr B returned we got the brushes and glue ready, ripped up some tissue and newspaper, blew up the balloons and then we sat at the table with Alesha.

It all started nice and calm, me doing mine, him doing his and Alesha doing her's. But it didn't take long for Alesha to get excited and then the glue started flying haha!
Alesha was trying to help daddy whilst doing her's, daddy was trying to stop Alesha's mask from falling onto the floor, it was crazy!
 But it settled down and it went well, Alesha was very well behaved (so was daddy). We got  the balloons covered and set aside to dry.

We put Alesha to bed that night and we finished them off with a few more layers to make them nice and hard for the morning.
The following day I cut out the eye and mouth holes, Mr.B put string on them and we set the table so we could paint them.
We spent an hour painting them and finishing them off, they all came out really well.

It was great fun for Alesha, she really enjoyed it and now she runs around the house with her mask on saying "I'm is a scary monster"!

                                                 Simple things make kids happy!

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