Friday, 24 August 2012

Pregnancy: Week 37

All is going very well, I had my 37 week check up with midwife on Wednesday, she said baby was 3/5 engaged to keep active and bounce on the gym ball for 30minutes every evening.

I wonder if I will last another 3 weeks, I don't think I will because I'm start to feel twinges down below every now & again.

I was 2 days early with Alesha and she weighed 6lbs 9oz, so I think I might go a little early this time aswel, I hope I do as I would love the pain in my hips to bugger off now and finally get a good night's sleep.

Me, Mr.B and Alesha went for a tour around the birth centre last week.
The place was lovely and quiet, felt very homely not like a hospital. 
Would you believe it, there wasn't one mother in sight, none in labour and none in resting rooms.

Finger's crossed there is no-one in the birth pool when I go into labour as I would love to experience a water birth this time. 

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