Sunday, 28 October 2012

EDF prices to go up!

Secondary glazing offers clear benefits for recession hit households

With EDF being the fifth of the UK’s big six energy suppliers to announce inflation-busting price hikes for gas and electricity over the winter period it’s clear that hard-pressed UK households will once again be on the look out for cost effective ways to reduce their quarterly bills.
The installation of secondary or third glazing is a proven method of bringing down bills by up to 20% and, in the case of Ecoease, costs just 10 to 15% of the price of installing double glazing.
“The cartel-like behaviour of the energy suppliers is continuing and there’s no end in sight for rising fuel bills as the first snowflakes fall on the UK. Homeowners could do worse than consider secondary glazing as a real practical insulation against both the cold and increased costs,” explained Ecoease Director John Feely.
“Since Ecoease was established in 2010 we’ve had a 100% satisfaction rate from thousands of customers who are looking to make their homes more energy efficient. It’s such a simple, flexible and easy-to-install system involving PET plastic glazing fixed to the window frame using magnetic tape. Virtually anybody of any age could install it in minutes.
“It’s a perfect fit for our times with personal budgets getting squeezed more and more,” added John whose firm introduced an easy Measure 2 Fit solution last year that’s available on websites such as, as well as
Ecoease is the only UK secondary glazing firm to supply PET panels which are stronger and far more fire retardant than other options available within the market place as well as being the cheapest at around £65 per square metre including edging and magnetic strips.
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