Sunday, 21 October 2012


I'm sat here on my computer chair with a smile going from one side of my face to the other because I finally have another daughter, after waiting a long 40 weeks 2days for her to arrive into this big wide world, SHE IS FINALLY HERE!

Friday 14th September I started having contractions at 6.30pm, I wasn't worried and didn't panic because they were only coming around every 10-15minutes and didn't last very long.
By 8pm my toddler Alesha was tucked up in bed fast asleep, not aware that the following morning she would be meeting her baby sister.
I on the otherhand paced up and down my living room and kitchen and also bounced up and down on the birth ball whilst breathing slowly through each contraction. Mr.B was very supportive and was by my side at all times.

By 9pm the contractions were 5 minutes apart and starting to become quite sore which was making me pant more heavily, so Mr.B suggested that it was time he went and picked up our friend to come and stay in our house to mind Alesha.

By 10.00pm our friend was here and the contractions were now 3-4minutes apart, so I rang Hartlepool Birthing Centre and explained to them that my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart so they suggested that I "come straight in"!

I sat in the passenger side of the car and I remember squeezing tightly to the door handle whenever I got a contraction.
Luckily the roads were very quite like a ghost town, so it only took us 10 minutes drive to get there.

I was the only person in the birthing centre, no other women was in labour and no other women was on the ward. Therefore I was over the moon because it meant that the birthing pool was free so I could use it.

The midwife then done a quick check and I was 4cm dilated, so I then got back up off the bed and walked up and down again to stay mobile to help bring the labour quicker.

The midwife was coming in and out every few minutes to make sure all was okay and to see if I was progressing because I couldn't get into the pool until I was gone 5cm dilated because otherwise it might of slowed down the labour.

At one stage just after a contraction eased off I got really bad tummy cramp because I need to have a poo but the toilet was in the same room I was in with the birthing pool and bed (it was all one big room).
So I was hoping that the midwife would not come in when I was sat on the toilet. Thankfully I was able to have a poo without anyone disturbing me haha!

The next time the midwife checked me I was dilated enough to get into the pool so she started to fill it up. I in the meantime asked for gas & air to help try ease the pain, so I lay on the bed on my side and sucked the gas and air everytime I got a contraction.
It was time to get in pool, I was currently walking up and down in a pair of knickers & bra so I just whipped off my knickers and got straight in, even though I had a bikini packed in my hospital bag, I wasn't in the mood to be faffing about getting dressed whilst in a lot of pain.

With every contraction I took some gas & air and moaned whilst holding onto a handle in the bath with one hand. Mr.B was helping me by holding the gas & air and connecting it back together everytime it parted.

Then I started to feel pressure on my bum so the midwife buzzed through for another midwife because they need to at a birth. I remember grabbing onto a towel that the midwife had leaning over the bath and with one BIG push out came my darling daughter Alana.Mr.B asked one of the midwifes to take a photo of him cutting the cord, so he handed her the camera. Snip, he cut the cord and she handed the camera back saying "I think I took a photo". A few minutes later he checked the camera and there was no sign of a photo of him cutting the cord.

Alana was born at 02.24am on the 15th September weighing 6lb 130z (4oz bigger than her sister).
 We had to stay in hospital over night because Alana decided she wanted a poo whilst entering the big wide world.

A few hours later Mr.B came back in with our other daughter Alesha, it was wonderful and such an emotional time seeing Alesha meet Alana.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a wonderful birth experience, what a beautiful little girl. I've tagged you in a getting to know you meme over on my blog if you want to take a look and join in =) x

  2. congratulations on the birth of Alana! I have only just remembered to check your blog as I saw you on the Tots100 widget today!
    I hope you're all ok