Friday, 30 November 2012

Home Made Foot/Hand Print Christmas Decorations

Alana's footprint & Alesha's handprint

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide PART 2

11. Fellowes 
When it comes to technology Mr.B knows more about it than me, so when I asked him if he would like a Fellowes shredder to review his response was "yeah please, I have never heard of Fellowes before" so off he went to google them.

The shredder came very well packaged in a large box, about the same size as Alesha.

The very hungry shredder

Mr.B was like a very excited child at Christmas because he couldn't wait to get his hands on it to try it out, he even had some old bank statements at the ready to shred.

The shredder is a great way to dispose of household documents that may expose a families personal information including addresses and bank details. A shredder can protect against fraud, takes no time at all and saves annoying calls to the bank when information is stolen. The shredders also shred debit and credit cards, not just paper.

Mr.B was very pleased with the large 18L capacity bin and how stylish it looked.
Another good point is the electronic start/stop button, let's hope Alesha doesn't figure that out!
To empty the bin it was a very easy process of standing on the foot petal to pop it out and then once emptied just insert it back in, no hassle what so ever!

These can be purchased from Tesco, Argos and many other selected online retailer's and stores. Currently costing £99 with free delivery.

A perfect gift for someone who is forever complaining about stacks of paper in the house. 


12. Wooden Name Train

I received this product from the Wooden Name Train company and was in love with it as soon as I opened the package.

Made from wood and on wheels, each carriage connects together so can be moved along by  
your loved one as a great toy, or can be put on a shelf like i have done as a classic keepsake for when they are older.

The Wooden Name Train make a unique and timeless gift for babies and toddlers. For only £1 per letter (the vast majority of names under £10), these personalised gifts are the perfect stocking filler for any baby or toddler.

The trains are not only a lovely keepsake for children under one but can also double up as a toy for toddlers (boy's & girl's) and children aged 2-3, the wooden name train helps kids with spelling their name.

You can even have a wooden name train made saying 'Daddy' or a pets name, so they really are for anybody!.

Alana's is safe on a shelf for when she is older ( a lovely keepsake) and I'm sure she will love and treasure this gift for many years to come!


13. Zumba Fitness Core xbox 360

I try to stay in shape but can sometimes find it boring doing the same old routine day in day out, so when I was asked to review Zumba Core I thought why not try something new!.
The game launched on Friday 9th November and is available on nintendo wii and xbox 360, priced at £34 for the wii and £39.99 for the 360.

Research has found that women want to tone their abs most and this is the main body part the game targets, and let me tell you now it works! I have played it for a while now and think its great, I am really seeing a difference in my abs and don't think I'll ever go back to boring routines.

With features including, 40 new songs and routines, 33 different dance styles, many different music styles and eight different party venues to name a few it has something for everyone wanting an exciting workout!

Also with kinect you have voice control for easy menu navigation which I found great, multiplayer support for two players, so Alesha can dance away aswell.
And another great feature is the Zumba class locator to find your nearest zumba class.

You can get your copy of Zumba core by visiting

All in I think its a great way to work out and I'lll be looking foward to the next release of Zumba!  


14. Mothercare - Little Bird
I received a Cot Mobile & a pair of Jersey Rainbow Pyjama's to review from the newly launched collection from Jool Oliver called 'Little Bird'. The collection is exclusive and unique to Mothercare and features a mix of high quality , affordable pieces with a timeless look and feel that reflects Jools love of nostalgic yet modern collectables for children from birth to 5 years, the perfect gift for any child this Christmas.

The picture doesn't do the cot mobile justice, it's such a beautiful cot mobile made from natural cotton and wood, it doesn't look cheap and tacky like some plastic cot mobiles.  

Jool said "I love this mobile it is perfect for a baby shower gift, just a special little gift to brighten up any nursery". 

This cot mobile is priced at £20.00 can be found by visiting Jools Oliver Little Bird Collection on the Mothercare website here
I kindly asked for size 3-6 months in these lovely looking Jersey Rainbow Pyjamas for Alana as Alesha has a few pairs of Pyjamas.

The bright colours of the rainbow attracted me to these, not only do they look cute on Alana but Alesha loves too point and the different colours, so thumbs up from the girls aswel!

I have washed these twice already on a 40 degrees cotton wash and the colour never faded nor did they pyjamas loose shape, so therefore these also get a thumbs up from me.

These are available from newborn right up to 3-4years and priced between £12.00 - £14.00, which I think is quite reasonable. 

For more information on the Jools Oliver Little Bird Collection visit

15. My 1st Years
I received a lovely personalised Christmas bauble for review from the large range of baubles over on .
After oooing and awwing over them all I finally choose the Rooftop Santa bauble which is priced at £12.00 and that includes a FREE luxury giftbox.
The bauble arrived very well wrapped and as stated on the website it came in a lovely pink box tied with a pretty ribbon. Needless to say the bauble looked lovely and even better on our tree!
I asked for 'Merry Christmas Alesha & Alana 2012' to be printed on the back of the bauble, and they got it spot on, no spelling mistakes and the colour remained even after a good rub with a cloth.
This will now become a treasured babuble in our household which I will pass down to the girls for their three when the get older.
'At at heart of the range remain the essentials, outfits for newborn babies and the products that built the brand, starting with categories - My 1st Shoe, My 1st Outfit, My 1st Bear, & My 1st Accessory.'
Why not pop on over to My 1st Years website to find a special Christmas present for your loved one this year.

Christmas Gift Guide PART 1

Here we have a great looking pair of kids Christmas shoes just the part for Christmas from Inch-Blue
 Alesha loves the look and feel of them, and the ease of putting them on as she can do it herself and feels like a big girl. 
With the shoes being a natural white colour they will match with most Christmas outfits, so that's a bonus. 
But on the down side the bottom of the shoes are too soft for little feet and Alesha can feel every little thing she stands on. Plus with them being made from thin leather I don't think they would be all that good in bad weather, I think they would be fantastic if they were more solid. 

I would therefore avoid these for your little ones this Christmas and spend your £18 on something abit more sturdy.



Once again I was asked to review Green & Blacks and I jumped at the chance.

I reviewed them last year and since then have been in love with them ever since. The 3 products I am reviewing this time are, The Classic Collection, The Treat Collection &  The Conversations Collection.

From milk, dark, white and butterscotch they all taste amazing and be enjoyed with family and friends. At the reasonable price of £2.99 to £5.49 in my opinion they are the best on the market and well worth the price.

So why not treat your friends and family with one of Green & Black’s delicious gifting range this year. Available in stores nationwide. For more information visit

I would recommend them to anyone and think they are a great addition to any Christmas party, or for anytime during the year.



3. Heat Holder's

With the cold weather now here I was eagerly excited to be sent some Heat Holder socks for review.

They are a perfect stocking filler at a low cost price. Prices start from just £5.99 for the children's sock's and   
£7.99 for men's and women's. 
The socks are quite thick, they keep your feet nice and warm in these cold winter days, they are known to be the warmest thermal socks in the world!

The only downfall is after washing them 3 times they shrunk a little in size, which isn't what I expected. Saying that they still went on my feet no problem, so I will still get plenty of wear from them.

Heat Holder's are available in sizes for men (6-11), women (4-8), and children (9-1 1/2 and 2-5).
You can purchase these from a wide range of high street retailers as well as through
Heat Holder's can be found on Facebook and also on Twitter @HeatHolderSocks


4. Hevea's Bath Toys
Alesha was a happy little girl when Mr.B announced she had some new bath toys to play with, her reply was  "really dad I'm so excited" bless her.
Hevea's funky bath toys make bath time frolics fun. Made from sustainably sourced 100% natural rubber, each toy is BPA, phthalates and PVC free, with no added colours. 

These are different to your ordinary bath toys because with Hevea's you don't have to worry about bacteria and limescale building up inside them because there is no tiny hole for water to get into, brilliant right?
So there is no need to throw them out after a month's play with them because the water will not be able to build up inside, therefore it saves you a few pennies from buying more.

The bath toy range is beautifully presented in charming colour coded gift boxes. 
For more information please visit you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter @heveababy


5. Halos N HornsWe were running low on Johnson's bath smellies for the kids so when I was asked if they would like to review some of Halos N Horns bath product's, I emailed back saying "yes please".
If your looking for stocking fillers for babies and children then these are ideal with prices starting from £2.36-
Alesha poured some of the bubble bath into the warm running water, a few seconds after she shouted "look mummy bubbles", so she gave that thumbs up from the word go.
The shampoo's and bodywash had a long lasting fruity tangy smell, they left Alesha's hair and body soft,smooth and smelling good!
Some of Halos N Horns products can be used from as little as 1 month old.

Overall I think these are worth every penny, I have no bad point's about Halos N Horns so therefore I will be purchasing these in the future.
You'll find Halos N Horns in Asda, Boots and Ocado.

For more information please visit you can also find them on Facebook


6. NUK 
NUK are well known for their orthodontists shape on their bottles and soothers, their shaped just like a mother's nipple. And because the NUK is based on the shape of a mother's nipple, it will also make switching between breast and bottle easy.

I was sent a sample of their 'Winnie the Pooh Bottle 300ml Size 1 (0-6mths)' for Alana who is currently 8weeks old so that bottle is recommended for her age.
Alana can be fussy when it comes to soother's, at present she will only take a certain soother. I bought a MAM soother last week and she would not settle what so ever, kept spitting it out and crying. 
With that in mind I was expecting her to refuse the bottle of milk because it was a different shaped teat but I was completely wrong, she happily guzzled the full 6oz bottle of milk and was a very smiley baby afterwards.
I have since washed and sterilized the bottle and have had no problems, the colouring never faded, nor did the bottle or teat lose it's original shape.

So NUK get's a thumbs up from both me and Alana!
These bottles currently cost £6.19 over on NUK website, I personally would not pay that sort of money for 1 bottle, so therefore I think they are over-priced.

For NUK full stocklist please visit their website 
You can also find them on Twitter


7. Tomtom via 120

Ok, so I have been testing & reviewing the Tomtom via 120 for around 6 months now here is the full story!

The tomtom via 120 has a nice 4.3" touch screen, it has many features like hands free calling, Europe maps, voice command and control, advance lane guidance, live snapshot, parking assist and many more.

I have found this one of the best sat nav's I have used. Never had any issues with it, nothing went wrong and it always got me to my destination. Also the advanced lane guidance (above pic) is a great feature for anyone who is a little uneasy when approaching junctions.

It has a integrated mounting with flip screen (above pic). A convenient foldaway mount that is integrated with your device, so it's always there when you need it. It attaches easily to your windscreen or using the optional mounting disk, you can turn it upside down and position it on your dashboard, where the screen automatically flips the right way up. The sound quality is great, I cant fault that. 

With fast route planning there is no more waiting around, your route is calculated in a matter of seconds, so you get on your way much faster than ever before!

This TomTom is currently on Amazon for £134.97.

For the world's most up-to-date planner, including live traffic information go to


8. Funky Giraffe Bibs
I received a package that was very well wrapped and presented from Funky Giraffe Bibs, a company in which I have never heard of until they contacted me and asked if I would like to receive some T-Shirts for Alesha & Alana to review.
The parcel contained 2 T-Shirts each for the girls, I ordered size 3-6month's for Alana and size 3-4 years for Alesha. 
They were very well sewn and the logo's were printed perfectly, the only down fall I had was the size's were very big for the age compared to many other brands of t-shirt's.
They won't fit Alana until she is around 9 month's and Alesha's won't fit her until she is either 5 or 6 which was very disappointing.
The T-Shirt's are made from 100% cotton which is ideal in children's clothing.

I can't complain about the cost of these, they are reasonably priced for the good quality.

Click here to pop on over to their website, you can also find them here on Facebook and tweet them @FunkyGiraffeBib


9. Nando's Christmas Sets
I have seen these gift set's last Christmas in Nando's and was thinking of buying one for Mr.B as he loves spicy food and hot sauces but I happened to forget it and left Boots with just nappies and wipes!

When I was contacted and asked if I would like to review one of the Nando's Gift Set's I of course said yes because it would be something for Mr.B to review.

Mr.B said the oven glove was good quality and never burnt nor nearly burnt his hand when removing a tray of chicken from the oven.
The giftset comes in an eye catching red and black coloured box with the Nando's logo on the top.

Nando's extra extra hot peri-peri sauce and seasoning rub is the perfect companion for any spicy dish to give it that extra kick. Using the Nando's oven glove provided, you should be able to handle the heat in the kitchen. When it comes to satisfying those who love their spice, the Nando's giftset is the perfect gift.

Nando's Christmas gift's are available from Debenhams, House of Frasher, Sainbury's, Boot's and selected retailer's online. This gift set is currently is priced at £12.50 in Boots

Here we have a heart motif slate board for the chef in your family.
Stylish and modern its great for the price of £19.99 and is available from
I have used this alot since getting it as I tend to cook family meals most days, the board is hard wearing, alot better than plastic or glass. It's also heavy so wont move around when chopping. You can have the board personalised  with words or names upto 25 characters long, perfect for that special touch.

This personalised 100g milk chocolate bar is great for the little ones, the label can be personalised with a name upto 12 characters and any message over 2 lines, 25 characters per line and comes in a range of 3 characters, Robin, Reindeer and Snowman. 

Available from at the great price of £5.99 it makes a great stocking filler, my little girl will be finding one in her stocking on Christmas morning and so can  your loved ones this xmas!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Born to Toddle - retro vintage style wooden toys and furniture

I prefer to buy wooden toys for Alesha rather than plastic ones, my two main reasons for that is with wooden toys you can be assured that they aren't going to fade and lose colour very quickly and also they are that bit harder to break so therefore if you child accidentally stands on their favourite toy there not going to scream the house down because it's broken. If it was a plastic toy they stood on then more than likely it would of breaking!

I came across a fab website that have some beautiful wooden toys and furniture suitable for 0-5years at affordable prices and it's free delivery.

User friendly categories, helpful suggestions and age defined gift guides make internet shopping a pleasant experience for everyone. If you need to speak to a real person there is someone on the end of the phone to help.
You can find Born to Toddle on Facebook make sure to sign up for their newsletter (you can sign up on the Born to Toddle homepage on their website) as the run promotions on there regularly and also do loads of free things which include money off and discounts!