Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fireworks Fun



Alesha was very much looking forward to going over to our friends house to see the fireworks and playing with her friends.

This time last year I wouldn't of been writing that Alesha was looking forward to fireworks because she was scared of the loud BANG that some of them made, when the shot up high into the sky.

Mr.B, Alana & Me
But on the Saturday 3rd November me and Mr.B took our 2 girls to a very crowded fireworks display over at Seaton Carew. She was happy and bubbly at first because she got a flashing light toy and was dancing away to the live music but after about 5 minutes of the fireworks my little darling was complaining that she was cold and wanted to go home. 

So on the 4th November she was asking all day long could we go over to our friend's to see the fireworks, let's just say I was fed up of hearing her asking and asking and asking. 4.30pm couldn't arrive quick enough so we could set off to our friends.

Alesha 'pushed the boat' out this year because she held a sparkler all by herself! 
Alana never had a clue what was going on with her only being 7 weeks old, she slept through all the very loud bangs and cheering from everybody when a firework was lit.

We also enjoyed the lovely hotdogs and baked potatoes my lovely friend prepared, can't enjoy fireworks without a traditional hotdog. haha!

Fireworks At Seaton Carew

Alesha Fast Asleep

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Was supposedly a good display at Seaton....my Aunty lives not too far from there :)