Friday, 4 January 2013

Back to studying!

I've been very quite lately because firstly I was having problems with broadband on Virgin so I decided to switch providers so we are now with TalkTalk and so far so good!
Daddy & his girl's 
Within the last few weeks I got offered a place at college so I will now be studying, Psychology, Biology, English and Maths come Tuesday, which is making me quite nervous as it's been a while since I was sat in a classroom studying and communicating with other humans on a daily basis haha!
I'm looking to get a place in University for September studying Nursing (keep your fingers crossed for me) that's if I hurry up and get my personal statement written.
Alana & Alesha (excuse the cold sore on my lip haha)
My eldest Alesha, tall, skinny and clever turned the big 3 in December so she will be starting Nursery on the 15th full-time, she has grown up so quick in what seems a short time. She is however ready for nursery, as many people have mentioned she is very advanced for her age.
My other lil munchkin Alana will be 16 weeks tomorrow, I honestly can't get over the fact that 16 weeks has flown by. 
Alana is going to be just like her big sister when it comes to clothes shopping for her as she is currently in 0-3month's clothes, with plenty of wear still left in them. Alesha is 3 and she still wears some 18-24months and 2-3years, it's very hard to buy trousers for her thin waist, me and Mr.B are forever rolling her trousers at the waist to keep them up!
Supposed to be in the book corner reading but instead fell asleep!
We had a fab Christmas as a family of 4, no rushing about just relaxed at home with our 2 beautiful girls and the same on New Year's Eve but we made sure the girl's were tucked up in bed well before midnight. 

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