Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rainy Day Craft Activities For Kids

Milk Bottle Organisers 
Is your milk bottle nearly empty? Why not turn them into organisers maybe for pencils, craft paper etc?

Paper Wreath
This can easily be made from old magazine's etc, simply cut around any photos I would suggest around 25 photos depending on the size. Then glue them onto a round piece of cardboard like a "ring" shape or even cut the middle out of a paper plate, as this will form the base of the wreath. 
To make the activity last longer why not cut pictures from a colouring book, that way the child has more fun once the wreath is made.

To finish why not put a piece of string on the back to hang it up on the wall.

Hope these are useful for someone on a rainy day like today in the North East.

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