Sunday, 26 May 2013

To My Daughters

My darling daughter's soon ye are one and four
and these are the things that I wish for you.
To be happy and healthy and live life to the full,
be carefree in childhood and don't grow up too soon.

That you work hard at school and follow your passion,
a job is long term and not just for fashion.
Have fun while you can and don't tie yourself down,
There's plenty of time to turn that around.

Find a life partner to share all your dreams,
grasp what you have but live to your means.
To treasure each moment as if its your last,
and share with your children life present and past.

Most of all I hope you find love, 
a gift so special like the stars up above.
Be happy my daughter's in all that ye do,
and remember that mummy always love you.


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