Monday, 17 June 2013

Review: Gumigem DadTag Teething Necklace

A few days back Andy received a parcel which contained one of Gumigem amazing dadtag necklaces to help our youngest Alana with her teething pain. 
So Alana is at the teething stage and she chews anything and everything. The thing she loves most? 
my necklace! And its a nightmare because it's my lovely keepsake pendant with photos of my girls inside and it now has tiny little dents all over it from little miss moo (Alana).

I don't know why or what it is but she is drawn to anything hanging around anyone's neck.
So when I was asked if Andy would like to review Gumigem's dadtag teething necklace I jumped at the chance because it might then stop her from trying to chew on mine considering she will have something better to chew on as it's made from none toxic silcone. The string on these are also quite long so great for little ones to hold and even better if you have a large chest size.
These dogtag not only help ease the pain and give some comfort whilst your child is teething but they also look very stylish. 

Now whenever Alana goes for Andy's dogtag we need not worry, as she chews away it's making her more happy because it's easing the pain a little on her hard gums.

A cracking idea, a must have for mums and dads with teething toddlers! These are only priced at an incredible price of £12.95 over on Gumigem's website. For more information please pop on over to

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