Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: Karcher WV 70 Window Vacuum

When I was asked to review the Karcher window vacuum/cleaner I was delighted but not expecting much and here's why. 

As we all know when it comes to cleaning the windows you either call in the pro's or tackle it yourself and never get it right.
We always leave a streak here, a mark there, and to be honest I didn't think this product would differ.
So the product arrived and I got to work, took everything out of the box and easily put it together. For a small lightweight window cleaner, the spray bottle was sturdy and strong. It came with a micrifibre cloth for cleaning the window which attaches to the spray bottle and makes it really easy to spray and clean in one go.
The shape of the cleaning head gets into the corners and right upto the edges. The vac was strong with decent size blades to make ease of sucking up all the liquids.
I gave the window a few sprays and set to work with the cleaning microfibre cloth, I spent a couple of minutes scrubbing the window making sure to to get right upto every edge.

Once done I picked up the vac, turned it on and held my breath.
To my surprise when I reached the bottom of the window on the first pass I stepped back and looked at the window. It was crystal clear not a streak, blemish or mark in sight.
I continued on and finished the window, STREAK FREE and glimmering.
I gave the other half a shout and he could not believe I had cleaned the window, when I showed him my secret weapon he took it and started to do his car windows, same result.
Clean windows all around, house and car so both of us are happy. It really will pay for itself and at the price of £64 its worth the investment because the money 
you will save getting a window cleaner in will go nice for something for me. Can be purchased online and also big name supermarkets.

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