Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review: LimeLite Active Gel and Spray

Being a mother of 2 young children I always find myself on the go making sure kitchen sink and bathroom are clean, as I would hate the thought of my girls catching a nasty bug if I forgot to clean the limescale.
I have never used LimeLite before, at present I'm using a Asda own brand and it does the job okay.

We live in a hard water area so we seem to get limescale building up quite quickly with anything that involves water. I used the spray on the bathroom and kitchen taps and also under neath the taps where the water pours out as it's only recently I've noticed that lime scale has started to build up there. Then after 15 minutes I slipped on my rubber gloves and got to work with my sponge, I used the rough side of the sponge to rub in limescale off all the areas, it all came off without the need of alot of scrubbing. I then used the other side of the sponge to wipe around the taps and they then looked good as new! Very shiny, even my eldest Alesha 3 years commented on how shiny the taps were the next morning when she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. I must admit it is alot better than the Asda own brand as not only does LimeLite leave a good long lasting shine but it also leaves a long last fresh smell. 

Yesterday I used the LimeLite gel on descaling the kettle. I diluted some of it in a jug of water and poured it into the kettle and popped it onto boil. Once it had finished boiling I emptied the water and all the white bits of lime scale were falling out, just had to give it a good shake and wipe and now my kettle is free of lime scale for another while. 

I would definitely recommend LimeLite gel and spray, you can find LimeLite in major supermarkets. 
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