Sunday, 8 September 2013

Now A Single Mother Of 2

Yes it is infact true, I am now a single mother to my 2 beautiful daughter's at the young age of 24.
Not something I ever thought would happen, but then again no-one would ever dream of becoming a single mother.

It's going on 2 month's now since Andy packed up and left, but packing up and leaving was nothing new as over the last few month's arguments seemed to appear out of no-where. There was no talking to him as he would just blank me out, and then other times he would end up shouting his head off in front of the girls so it would end in me telling him to "get out of the house as I'm not having this in front of the girls".

His behaviour and temper changed not long after I gave birth to our 2nd child Alana back in September 2012. It was like he 'couldn't be bothered' anymore being in a relationship, which is maybe why he would cause arguments so he could go for a drive for a few hours or other times he would end up going for a drive to his cousins and staying over there.

I've learnt one thing from being with him and that's, "you never know someone as much as you think". I thought his daughter's were his everything but he fooled me as he hasn't bothered with them since our split.

Alesha started her first day at her new nursery on Tuesday, I text Andy on the Monday to ask if he was going to call over to see the girls before Alesha starts nursery as she has been asking about her dad and his reply was "no I am not going over, I will see them when I am ready". Only word that came to my mind was SELFISH!

I'm currently awaiting to see if he even bothers going to see a solicitor for visiting rights of the girls, because I've got police reports, let's just say of unnecessary behaviour from him, so really the longer he leaves things the girls will get to that age where they've gone so long without him they won't even have a relationship with him and he won't know them or their personalities at all therefore a bond being hard to form.

It was hard at first when he left as I wasn't used of being alone with a toddler and a young baby but now I can say I'm enjoying it as my daughter's are having a special bond with their mummy.

It's Alana's 1st Birthday this day next week 15th September, I'm going to make sure she has a wonderful day with the people who love her around her.

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