Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Ella's Kitchen - my little BIG meals

I remember Alesha having the opportunity to review some Ella's Kitchen products a good few months ago and really really enjoyed them, they god thumbs up from Alesha and me.

So this time round I was looknig forward to Alesha and Alana trying out Ella's Kitchen's new 'my little BIG meals'. This range is made for tiny tummies from 12 months +, and are packed full of at least five different fruit and veggies.

We received a chicken curry for Alesha and a beef stew for Alana to review, that is 2 of the 6 different meals. There is also veggie moussaka, chicken paella, bolognese bake and pork stew.

I took the chicken curry out and pierced the flim a few times and then popped it into the microwave for 60 seconds, then I took it out and right away I wasn't keen on the smell and it would be something I couldn't not eat because it didn't smell to nice.
I brought it into Alesha along with a glass of water and then went to heat up Alana's beef stew, when I cam back with Alana's beef stew Alesha had an upset face at the dinner table, so I asked her why was she upset and she replied "mummy I'm sorry but I don't like the dinner, I tried mummy but I really don't". So I took it away from her and made her something else for dinner. It's not like Alesha to say she doesn't like food, she enjoys food.

Alana on the otherhand scoffed every bit of her beef stew and it smelt delicious just like home cooking, I could of eating it myself. The portion sizes are very good aswel, a little more than I expected which was great!

To help busy families, the 'my little BIG meals' range comes in a handy 200g pot, helping bigger little ones enjoy healthy and tasty food whether they are exploring at home or on the go. 

                                         I was sent the meals for the purpose of this review.

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