Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Party At Nursery

It took Alesha quite sometime to decide whether she wanted to be a  ghost or a witch for Halloween, but when she heard that her friend from nursery was dressing up as a witch that made her quickly change her mind to becoming a witch for the day!

Her Halloween party was Wednesday 23rd October at 4pm, we met our friends at the bus stop and all got the bus together to the nursery for the party.

Alesha had a brilliant time, she loved dancing and shaking her bum to all the latest chart music which was being played in the school hall. 

I done the best I could when it came to getting creative with face paints, I tried to do cobwebs on her face but as you can tell there not quite the same as cobwebs haha.

Now she can't wait for Halloween night 31st October to dress up again to go trick or treating and then having a big party.


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