Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Kids Are Not Being Let Down Again!

As I see this as an online dairy for my daughters to read back on when they are older, I therefore like to express my feelings and write about things that happened.

It's going on 4 months now since sperm donor (I will never call him by his name nor give him the opportunity to be called dad) threatened to kill me and my family then packed some of his stuff and walked out the door on me and his daughters.

Today I finally realised what he really is like and who he really is, I am so thankful that he is out of my life for good, no more bruises, no more me having to call the police, no more me having to tell him to stop shouting or leave the house.

BUT, because I have a heart and I care about my girls I decided to send sperm donor's mother a message on Facebook and ask her to contact him and tell him to contact me about seeing his girls that this was his last chance as he has let them down before and hasn't bothered seeing them since we split.
I got a text from him saying he would like to see them but he is stuck down in his cousins house in Dewsbury that he is skint and has no money, so I asked him if he would like me to put £30 for petrol money into his bank if he was going to call up that evening to see the girls, so he said yeah.

I took Alesha nursery Friday morning and then went out of my way for him by getting the bus into town with Alana so I could go into the bank and put the last bit of money I had which was £30 into the bank for him.
I then told him it was in and surprise surprise sperm donor decided to switch his mobile phone off later that evening.  Then the following morning I received a text to say he was 'too busy'. 
So I asked him how can he be 'too busy' to come and see the girls after he promising me he would if I put my last bit of money into his bank. But he had no answer for me! I then told him how much he was breaking Alesha's heart promising her he was coming up to see her, so she went bed really happy and then the next morning me once again had to break the bad news that he wasn't coming up and he told a big lie but not to worry that she would always have me as mother and that's all she needs because it's me who is loving her, it's me who is wiping her tears from her face when she is upset and it's me who will always be there for her whenever she needs me. I would never be 'too busy' and break my daughters heart like that, nothing or no-one should be more important the your own children!

The following morning I received a text from sperm donor saying he would call up that day and to cut the long story short the waste of space, the money grabbing ba*tard let his daughters down AGAIN!

That night I realised I was running out of baby soya milk for Alana so Itext him and asked him to put the money back into my bank as I need to buy some baby milk for Alana that I had no more money until I got paid and the heartless piece of so and so did not reply!

But what makes it more interesting is he can go meet another woman down there and go have fun with her sons, when his daughters are sat at home wanting to see him!

Not in a million years is he getting another chance to see my daughters, using them as an excuse to get money from me, he is an utter joke looks like sperm donors family have turned their back on my girls aswel, not even a birthday card on Alana's 1st Birthday, haven't even asked about them since me and him split, but luckily enough my girls are surrounded by people who love them and that will never change.

Today I took Alesha's mind off thinking about him and took the girls to the pond to feed some ducks and then for a play in the park.

Look forward to the future with my beautiful daughters, bring on Christmas haha!