Monday, 7 October 2013

Review: Baby Annabell Doll

Alesha was over the moon when I said the postman had brought a very special surprise for her when she was at nursery. I gave her the parcel to open and she ripped the paper of with excitement eager to know what's inside and then her beautiful eyes lit up with happiness when she seen Baby Annabell. "Baby Annabell" she said raising the tone of her voice, "I've seen you on Tv and having been wishing that Santa gets me one, I'm so so happy now, thanks mum"!
So right from the beginning Alesha was very happy with this doll. After I put the 4 AA batteries inside which was easily done I done switched her on and right away she started babbling and sounded so realistic just like my youngest daughter Alana. Alesha went and filled up the bottle with water and got stuck in feeding Baby Annabell. 

This doll drinks real water from her bottle and when she's full your child your child can pat her on the back to make her burp. When it's time for bed, this doll will yawn and close her eyes, while your child soothes her to sleep with a gentle lullaby.

Alesha will not part with this doll at all and has pushed aside her once o so favourite doll Polly. The most fascinating thing about this doll is the real tears from her eyes, Alesha keeps wanting her to cry haha!
This doll really is endless fun and well worth the asking price of £43.00 over on
                                              I was sent this doll for the purpose of this review.

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