Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Review: HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion

I was pleased when I got this in the post to review as I'm a woman that really enjoys massages, so couldn't wait to put this to the test, I was like an excited young child haha!

This massager fitted onto my dining room chair, with a strap and velcro to keep the back in place. The seat part of this is a cushion so bare in mind it doesn't do any massaging, would be strange if it did, it just keeps the whole thing in place basically.
The massager is covered in a plush, nylon material which is black and grey, so therefore suit for men or women. With it being black and grey I find it very smart looking. The massager is quite heavy as the motor and massager are robust, but it isn't too heavy, a slim woman like me could lift it no problem. This is really easy to store away as it doesn't take up much room, I currently have it underneath my bed.

Once set up there is a hand controller, which actually looks like a mini TV remote control, attached by a piece of wire. I really enjoy the rolling massage technique which moves the balls smoothly up and down the back relaxing as it goes. To me it felt like it was aligning my back, a great feeling!
My younger sister Amy enjoys coming over to my house now to use this massager, her favourite function is the shiatsu massage where the balls rotate in a small circle, making a kneading action as they travel up and down the length of your back. You can also add heat to this action which quickly heats up to a nice hot temperature but not too hot to the point where it burns you.
My sister Amy, using it on the armchair
I would highly recommend this as a Christmas present for a loved one, especially someone who suffers with a bad back.

At the moment you can get it for a bargain price in Argos for only £84.99.

I was sent this massager for the purpose of this review

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kids Do Make You Worry Sometimes!

It was a normal Monday afternoon, me Alesha and Alana just finished having dinner. So I took Alana out of her highchair and let her run about with her big sister Alesha, but then Alesha got tired so came and cuddled upto me on the couch.
The next minute what ever way I looked I seen Alana stood up next to the couch struggling to breathe, her eyes started rolling back so I immediately jumped off the couch to go grab her but as I done so she collpased onto the hard laminate floor. I picked her up panicking trying to hold her in one arm whilst ringing for an ambulance on the phone in my other hand. 
Couple seconds later Alana came around and started crying very loudly, took me a while walking up and down holding her in my arms to calm her down.

Then the ambulance guy came and as he was checking Alana over my neighbour came rushing into my house asking if everything was okay as she seen the ambulance outside. 
The paramedic said she was ok besides the bump on the back of her head from when she collapsed. But to keep a close eye on her the next few days.

Today she seems back to her normal happy self but I'm such a worrier and keep checking to making sure she is okay. Alesha kept giving Alana kisses today saying "get well soon Alana, please don't go hospital". Bless her!

Guess kids are going to test us parents sometimes but hopefully I won't need to call out an ambulance again.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Halloween and Bonfire Night

Alesha wanted to go over to Nana's (my mother) for Halloween, so in the end we decided to go and stay over there and have a little party.

That afternoon we put up all the spooky Halloween decorations and then I got Alesha dressed and ready to go out trick or treating. It was lovely to see her excited because she was going out to scare people haha. Me and my mam took her out, Alana was back at the house wrapped up warm. Alesha wasn't shy nor did it bother her to knock on people's doors. If she didn't get a reply after the first knock the little madam was getting ready to knock again until I told her no!

We walked around with her until she told us she was tired and wanted to go back to Nana's. She was really happy with her money and the sweets and chocolate that she was given. She was more looking forward to drinking her fake blood which a friend of my mums gave her early that day.

On Bonfire night my sister Amy came to stay at mine to babysit Alana for me whilst we went out to a local firework display. Alesha loved every minute, she was mesmerized by the different colours and the loud bangs, she wouldn't take her eyes off them!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: Baby K Clothing at Mothercare

We all know how quickly children grow out of clothes and how expensive some clothing can be.

I was really pleased when I was asked if my daughters Alesha and Alana would like to review the Baby K range of clothing exclusively to Mothercare.

The girls were needing a new coat each, it was on my to do list before Christmas. So you could imagine the smile on my face when I opened a parcel containing 3 beautiful coats and a stunning dress.
The coat which Alesha is wearing in the photos is the 'Baby K Faux and Leather Look Sleeve Coat' priced at £32.00. The coat Alana is wearing in the photos is the 'Baby K Boucle Biker Jacket' priced at £26.00. I was also sent the 'Baby K Leopard Print Trench Coat' priced at £26.00. The pink jersey dress which Alesha is wearing is also from the Baby K range and priced at £18.00.

Alesha and Alana both had compliments on theirs coats, I put these photos on Facebook and people were saying how much the really liked the coats and how well the girls looked in them. 
I can honestly say that I'm jealous of Alesha having the faux and leather look coat as I would love that in my size for myself haha!

All of the coats are really warm and quite thick, they look like long lasting coats which will be good as the girls will then get plenty of wear from them.

Alesha wore the dress for the first time the other day when we went shopping in Middlesbrough, she looked lovely in it. It's a dress that can be worn for a special occasion but also as everyday wear. The bottom is a tutu style skirt and she loves it, she thinks she is a princess twirling around saying "look at me mummy aren't I a pretty princess".
I have since washed the dress and there was no changes with at all, it kept it's original colour and shape.

I would definitely recommend Baby K clothing this Christmas for a special little person.

Click here to pop on over and have a look of what they have to offer, lovely clothing for both boys and girls.

                                   I was sent these items of clothing for the purpose of this review.

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