Thursday, 7 November 2013

Halloween and Bonfire Night

Alesha wanted to go over to Nana's (my mother) for Halloween, so in the end we decided to go and stay over there and have a little party.

That afternoon we put up all the spooky Halloween decorations and then I got Alesha dressed and ready to go out trick or treating. It was lovely to see her excited because she was going out to scare people haha. Me and my mam took her out, Alana was back at the house wrapped up warm. Alesha wasn't shy nor did it bother her to knock on people's doors. If she didn't get a reply after the first knock the little madam was getting ready to knock again until I told her no!

We walked around with her until she told us she was tired and wanted to go back to Nana's. She was really happy with her money and the sweets and chocolate that she was given. She was more looking forward to drinking her fake blood which a friend of my mums gave her early that day.

On Bonfire night my sister Amy came to stay at mine to babysit Alana for me whilst we went out to a local firework display. Alesha loved every minute, she was mesmerized by the different colours and the loud bangs, she wouldn't take her eyes off them!


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