Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kids Do Make You Worry Sometimes!

It was a normal Monday afternoon, me Alesha and Alana just finished having dinner. So I took Alana out of her highchair and let her run about with her big sister Alesha, but then Alesha got tired so came and cuddled upto me on the couch.
The next minute what ever way I looked I seen Alana stood up next to the couch struggling to breathe, her eyes started rolling back so I immediately jumped off the couch to go grab her but as I done so she collpased onto the hard laminate floor. I picked her up panicking trying to hold her in one arm whilst ringing for an ambulance on the phone in my other hand. 
Couple seconds later Alana came around and started crying very loudly, took me a while walking up and down holding her in my arms to calm her down.

Then the ambulance guy came and as he was checking Alana over my neighbour came rushing into my house asking if everything was okay as she seen the ambulance outside. 
The paramedic said she was ok besides the bump on the back of her head from when she collapsed. But to keep a close eye on her the next few days.

Today she seems back to her normal happy self but I'm such a worrier and keep checking to making sure she is okay. Alesha kept giving Alana kisses today saying "get well soon Alana, please don't go hospital". Bless her!

Guess kids are going to test us parents sometimes but hopefully I won't need to call out an ambulance again.

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