Thursday, 9 January 2014

Been A Busy Festive Season

I abandoned my blog for a few days, the last post I done was the beginning of December but now I'm back to the blogging world, I must say I have well and truly missed getting the laptop out at night when the kids have gone bed, it was like a little routine of mine haha!

December has been a busy month for me, felt like there was always something happening. I had Paige's (niece) birthday, then my birthday, then my new baby niece Unique was born, then Benjiman's (nephew) birthday, then Alesha's (my daughter) birthday and on top of all that we had Christmas and New Year.

We spent Christmas at home, my younger sister Amy joined us for Christmas and then we all went over to my mother's for New Years. The kids had a lovely time and got well and truly spoilt rotten. 

Alesha has started back at nursery, she has come on so much over the last few months even the teacher and the childminder has said how advanced she is, a proud mummy moment.

We went ice skating the other week, Alesha really enjoyed it more than I thought she would, Took her a while to grasp how to skate without falling, but when she did fall my cheeky monkey would laugh and get back up.

I feel like a new woman myself, much more happier now as I'm enjoying going out some evenings where as before I was mostly stuck in doors...not good!

Some Photos From New Years

Some Christmas Day Photos

New Baby Niece Unique