Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Abnormal Cervical Screening Results

A few days ago I received my results back from the cerivcal screening test which I had done due to the fact of me not having a period which is going on 4 month's now. So the doctor booked me in for a cervical screening test and also a scan on my ovaries and tube.

The results of my cerivcal screening test came in the post the other day. My face dropped when I seen the words 'abnormal results', so I now have to wait for another hospital appointment through in the post to go see someone in the colposcopy department.

Today was the day I went into Hartlepool hospital to have a scan done to check my ovaries and tube. I only have one tube left due to my Ectopic pregnancy back in 2011 when my right tube was removed.
I was a little nervous incase it was bad news about my remaining tube!

I arrived bang on time so I sat in the maternity waiting room which was full of pregnant women, who were waiting to go in for a scan, I felt abit strange with me having no bump, haha!

I ended up having to have an internal scan done as my bladder wasn't full for a normal scan. The results came back okay. So that was good to know that there was nothing wrong with my ovaries nor my remaining tube.

Now it's just a matter of a waiting game to receive my colposcopy appointment in the post.

Getting little scares like this makes me thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life especially my 2 beautiful girl's Alesha and Alana, there my everything and they know I'm always here for them. It's lovely watching them grow from crawling, to walking and then talking. A happy mummy moment!


'Women are routinely invited to have cervical screening tests (previously called smear tests). The tests are done to prevent cervical cancer, not to diagnosecancer. During each test some cells are removed from the cervix, with a plastic brush. The cells are examined under a microscope to look for early changes that, if ignored and not treated, could develop into cancer of the cervix. You are very unlikely to develop cervical cancer IF ... you have regular cervical screening tests at the times advised by your doctor, AND ... you have treatment when advised if abnormal cells are detected.'

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