Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Baby Bangle Which My Mother Treasured For 25 Years

I was over at my dear mother's house last weekend, it was lovely to see her. I don't see her as much as I used to but that's because we don't live within walking distance anymore.
All ready to go out

My wonderful mother
My wonderful mother babysat for me on the Friday and also Sunday, it's not often I ask her to babysit as she has raised her children (me, my 2 sisters and brother), so it's now her time to enjoy her life without having to deal and care for  her granchildren often. 
Alesha after her bath at nana's
Alana after her bath at nana's
My mother was really looking forward to babysitting as it ment she got to spend some quality with Alesha and Alana without me being there. My little munchkins were very well behaved for their nana, there was no tears from Alana during bathtime. If it was me bathing her she would of just stood holding onto the bath crying to get out, she is the total opposite of Alesha. 

When our weekend stay had come to an end my mother surprised me with my engraved baby bangle that she had always kept in a safe place to give to me later in life. Seeing and holding the bangle was like 'wow I used to wear this 25 years ago'! When I got home I gave it a good polish with some baking soda, looks good as new! It's now put away in a safe place with my Irish dancing medal.
My baby bangle

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