Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Meeting My Partner's Parents

It's been quite sometime since I've wrote on my blog as I've been  a very busy woman but I'm now back in my routine of getting the laptop out for a quick type up when Alana is napping and also in the evening time when both girls are fast asleep and I can relax on the couch with the laptop in peace, much easier to concentrate.

Me with Brandon & his dad & stepmam
I've been with my partner Brandon now for a few months, things are going great! I met his mother and step father 3 weeks ago and then met his father and step mother at his cousins 18th Birthday party. Both set of parent's were very welcoming and down to earth felt so at ease, I've fitted in perfect! It's always good to get along and have a good relationship with your partner's parents, I think it makes things less stressful especially at family gatherings. All of Brandon's family adore my daughters Alesha & Alana even if they are little rascals at times haha!
Brandon & Me

Tickling Alana on the trampoline

I'm over the moon how great Alesha & Alana have took to Brandon and how great he has taken to them. You would never be able to tell that he has only been in their life's a short time, as he is very hands on with them and will interact and care for them as much as he can, which at the end of the day put's a smile on my face.
With him having holidays from work in July he went and booked for him, me and the kids to go down Pontin's Southport for a week in July. Really looking forward to it as it will be perfect for us all spending time together as sometimes the children don't see him much due to work and other commitment's.

So yes, at the moment I couldn't be happier with the way thing's are going and life is only going to get better.... Can't stop smiling!

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