Monday, 30 June 2014

Picnic At Home

For a change we decided to have a picnic dinner indoors yesterday, the children really enjoyed it because it was a different experience to being sat nicely at the kitchen table with a hot meal. My younger sister Amy came to join us as my partner Brandon was at work.
Alana, Alesha & Aunty Amy
Alana, Alesha & Me
Once the picnic was over we worked off the calories by getting rid of the blanket, putting on some music and throwing some dance shapes around the living room haha! A great way to have fun with the children and keep fit at the same time.

Alesha and Alana went to a friends 4th Birthday party on Saturday at the Wacky Warehouse, they both loved it but weren't too sure of the dressed up character them came out to welcome them inside. I've never seen my children cling onto me in fear as much as they did then! Me and Alesha are back off to the Wacky tomorrow evening for another birthday party (money money money) while Brandon & Alana stay at home, quality time together. 

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