Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Alana's 2nd Birthday Party

Me & Alana
Me and Brandon decided it would be best to celebrate Alana's 2nd birthday party on the Saturday as her birthday was 2 days later on the Monday. If we done it on the Monday not many people would of been able to attend it nor stay over the night.
Cousins (Alana,Unique,Alesha)
Alana & Alesha

Brandon booked a bouncy castle and I was looking forward to it as much as the girls because normally I can't do anything like that with Alesha's birthday being 19th December so it's always cold.
Alana with her Nana
Alana with her Auntie Amy
Alana with her Auntie Jen
It was great to have my family, Brandon's family and a few of our friends over for the day and then later on when the kids went bed and the others were relaxing on the couch all the adults let there hair down and had a really good drink. It was a lovely atmosphere, everyone was happy and so was me and Brandon as the day and night went perfect. In total there was 19 adults and 11 children.

Her cake didn't look perfect but it was special as me and her dad made it, everyone said it was delicious though. It must of been ad there was none left to enjoy the following day. 

Natalie holding Alana blowing out candle
with me and Brandon.
Alana & Alesha
Alana looked beautiful in her dress, luckily we got a few photos before she got covered in chocolate. Our little madam got well and truly spoilt rotten from both sides of the family.

Just woke up, ready to open presents with her DaDa

Yesterday me and Brandon took her to Toys R Us with her birthday money and she bought a drum set (drive the neighbours mad) and a sketch pad. 
Playing her drums this morning.
Birthday Cake

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