Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Date Night With The Mr

Alana having a morning dance with dada
Morning Selfie
It's been a while now since me and Brandon went out in the evening without the children on a 'date night'.

Yesterday after we got back from town I suggested to go Mecca bingo once we got the kid's settled in bed and a babysitter round. 
It felt good just the two of us being out and not having to deal with a toddler going through the terrible twos stage. 

We got a drink and ordered some food, we were both really pleased with how low the price of the food and drink was and also how great the food tasted, just like fresh home made cooking.

Unfortunately none of us won, we were both one away but sadly we didn't go home with the green winners envelope haha!

Brandon enjoyed it that much he sent me a text message a few minutes ago at work saying "Do you fancy going bingo and have a meal and then out for a few drinks afterwards next week"? Well aye, I wasn't saying no to another 'date night'!

Were going to take Alesha ice skating after school next Wednesday and get someone to babysit Alana at home as we have been feeling bad on Alesha as we don't get to do much with her anymore as we have a small toddler to deal with aswel so we though tice skating would be a lovely treat for her to enjoy quality with mummy & daddy.

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