Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First Day In Reception (Big School)

As I'm typing this I'm still finding it hard to believe that my eldest Alesha 

had her first day in big school (reception class). 
I was really happy as I had no tears to wipe from her face this morning, she was over the moon lining up in the yard with all the older children. Then I waved her off as she followed the line of children into the school.
Sadly Brandon couldn't be there to wave her off as he was working, as much as he would of liking to take a day off work it wasn't worth losing out on the money as it's a long 12 hour shift and he earns more than £11ph. But Alesha is happy as he said he is off work Thursday and Friday so he will drive her to school and stand there waving her off as she enters the school.

Alana was lost without her sister around the house, but after about 2 hours she got used of toddling about by herself and enjoyed one on one time with me. 

Alesha will most definitely sleep good tonight as she is well and truly worn out after her first full day in school. 

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