Monday, 8 September 2014

Mark's Welcome Home Party From The Navy

Mark, Brandon, Kayleigh
My cousin Mark is in the Navy, just over a month ago he came home for a few weeks so his parents decided to throw a welcome home party/ birthday party as it was his 30th when he was away with the Navy.
Mam, Me, Paul
It was a brilliant idea as it has been year's since I last saw Mark I must of been only around 11. I seen the rest of the family a few weeks back when we all meet up down in Kent for my uncle Jim's funeral.
The party was being held in Mark's parents my uncle Martin and his wife Julie's house just on the outskirt's of Manchester a place called New Mills. 

My older sister Jennifer was working that day so she didn't set off till about 5.00pm. My mother, uncle Mike and Jennifer's  eldest daughter Paige went in her car. They arrived at Martin's house just going off 8.00pm. I went down with Brandon but we didn't set off til 7.30pm as Brandon didn't finish work till 7.00pm. We arrived just going off 9.15pm.
Me & Paul
It was the first time for my family in New Mills to have met Brandon and everyone loved him, he got on like a house on fire with them all. Even after we left the following day my lovely uncle Martin text me to say I have found a lovely guy and he wishes us all the best. We are in the process of arranging another family get together as it was brilliant.
Martin, Mark, Paul

I even got up singing on karoke with my older sister Jennifer and my cousin's which I never thought would happen as I'm normally not one for doing it but it just felt so good and I was enjoying myself being around people I love.

Julie, Paul

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