Friday, 26 September 2014

Mountain Warehouse Review

About a forthnight ago I was contacted to see if me and the family would like to review some items from the well known outdoor retail company called Mountain Warehouse.

I agreed because firstly, I have never purchased from them before and secondly after having a good look through their website I seen some ideal stuff to review which would come in handy seen as winter is fast approaching.

The lovely PR gave me the opportunity to choose an item for us all, here is what we choose.

Gelid Mens Kniited Deer Stalker Hat is what Brandon choose. It's currently on sale for £12.49.
Brandon was like a big kid at Christmas time when he seen the hat, there was no stopping him putting it straight on. He didn't want to take it off because" it was very cosy and soft ". 
It wasn't very cold outside just abit of a breeze but that didn't stop Brandon from wearing this hat in the car whilst going to pick Alesha up from school. 
He agrees that this hat is definitely worth £12.49 or more. 
The hat insultes your face and ears with the fur lining. With a buckle to keep the hat secure, this is an ideal hat if your going on a ski or snowboard holiday.

I decided to go for a Kittiwake Womens Hoodie because my body temperature is a nightmare, I find it hard to keep warm throughout the day around the house unless I have the heating or fire on.
This is currently priced at £19.99 over on their website. When I first took it out of the packaging I thought the fabric looked quite think and I was therefore unsure if it was going to keep me warm. 
As soon as I put it on my opinion changed as the hoody was really snug and warm, not as I expected it to be. 
I therefore also wore this hoody today doing the school run, it went perfect with my blue jeans. 
The inside of this hoodie is lined with combined cotton for improved insulation.

   I choose a Kids Owl Hat for Alana because it's an item we was needing to buy within the next few weeks. 
Thankfully I choose this item because it's very stylish, the colours and design attracts both Alesha and Alana to liking it. 
With it being rainy and windy here this afternoon we put the hat on her whilst in town. Quite a few people were walking past looking at her smiling because she looked cute and snuggly with the hat on. 
This is currently priced at £7.49 and once again it's an item I'm very pleased with and I would definitely pay that sort of money for it.
The fleec lining inside the hat kept Alana's head warm whilst the ear flaps kep the cold and wind out.

Alesha opened a package which contained a beautiful thick Yeti Kids Stripe Fleece.
She tried it on but has yet to wear it properly due to her being at school and then it's home for tea and PJ's on. 
She is looking forward to wearing it at the weekend when we go out on a bike ride. 
At the moment this is on sale for £9.99 a brilliant bargain that is worth snapping up.

Mountain Warehouse also generously sent us a High 50 Litre Rucksack to review. As soon as Brandon seen it right away he said "bingo that will do me when I go fishing, just what I needed"!
The rucksack is currently priced at £29.99 which I think is very reasonable.
With extra pockets on the belt straps, there's no need for stopping to get something out of the main bag.
A large 50 lite capacity is spread across two main compartments.
Highly recommended if your going hiking, fishing or even just general travelling.

If your off on an adventure this winter or just want to stock up on clothes etc then I'd highly recommend visiting a Mountain Warehouse store or even shopping online via their website.
There currently having a big sale, so grab a bargain while it lasts!

I was sent these clothes for the purpose of this review.

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