Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Suffered An Early Miscarriage

After my previous post about me being discharged from hospital after my operation and the doctor said I should still carry the baby like normal within my womb. Sadly his words were wrong!

2 days after being discharged I had to go back into hospital for a blood test to check on my hormone levels. It took just over 35 minutes to get to North Tees hospital, the journey seemed forever because I was still really sore after the operation so Brandon was trying his best to drive really slow over the speedbumps on the road.

In total it took 2 nursers and 2 doctors to try and try again to get some blood from me. My wrists were bruised and so were my hands. The first doctor couldn't get blood after 3 attemps so she decided to go and call for another doctor to try but on the way out she pricked herself in the hand with the needle that she just put into me. So when the next doctor came along to try get some blood, she asked if I would mind doing a HIV test also because of the doctor pricking herself with my needle. 
I was fuming as by this time it was over an hour I was sat there letting them take turns in sticking needles into me. 

Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel because the doctor managed to get a half of a tube full. Then she asked if she could try get some more blood to do the HIV, my reply was "O no, I've been sat here over an hour already, I am not willing to sit here longer, you will have to make an appointment for me to come back in once the bruises have gone down a little". 
She made another appointment for me and also decided to ask in front of Brandon, "have you ever been tested for HIV"? "Do you sleep about with different men"? My mouth opened wide as I replied "NO I do not sleep about with different men"! She apoligised and said she had to ask those questions over the other member of staff pricking herself with the needle.

An appointment got made for me 4 days later and I was really nervous on the way there as I didn't want to be sat there for a long time again with them trying to get blood.
But thankfully it was a different nurse and she was lovely, she managed to get the blood she needed the first try. Me and Brandon was over the moon with that. 
Then sadly she informed us that I had a miscarriage as my hormone levels were dropping down, so the hemorrhage within my stomach (when they done the op for the cyst on ovary) was an actual miscarriage! I looked at Brandon as his eyes just rolled to the floor then looked at me and said it will be ok.

I was booked in for another blood test which will be taking place in the morning to see if my hormone levels have dropped, hopefully they have so we can then start trying for another baby. 

Now I just need these antibiotics to work to clear the infection within my left scar and I'll be happy.

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