Friday, 17 October 2014

Proud Parents Moment

Yesterday was a school assembly at Alesha's school and for the first time parents were invited along.

Brandon was off work so he was able to drive us to the school (instead of waiting for a bus) and also stay to watch the assembly.
I was shocked when we walked into the school hall as I expecting more parents to turn up there was literally only about 20 parents. 

All of the Reception class sat in a line at the front facing the crowd. Then one by one each child brought an item over to the table which related to God. But then, it came to Alesha and up she got at the floor and her teacher Miss Stevens said Alesha was going to say a pray. Mine and Brandon's faced blushed red with pride as she looked so confident and grown up stood up infront of everyday reading a pray. Halfway through reading the pray Alana shouts "Sheeesha" me and Branon was like "yes that's Alesha but you need to be uiet". Some of the pupils and turned looked and smiled at little miss moo Alana sat in her pushchair watching her big sister.

Wearing her dads socks insisting she isn't taking them off until he comes in from work!
At the end of the assembly the head teacher Mr Cooney said " I would like everyone to give a round of an applause for Alesha as she done brilliant, think I've found somebody to do the assembly instead of me from now on as she loves to talk".

So today I'm going about with a huge smile on my face still thinking about how well my little munchkin Alesha done at the age of 4. She doesn't lack confidence unlike her mother haha!

Alana happy as larry in town with her Peppa balloon

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Aldi's Halloween Special Buys

Aldi's Halloween costumes go on sale in store from Thursday 2nd October 2014, there is only a limited of stock so I'd advise you to pop to your local Aldi store before it's gone.

Girl's Designs
  1. Catsuit, Bright Witch or Spider Ballgown
  2. 3-8 Years
Boy's Designs
  1. Skeleton or Dracula 
  2. 3-8 Years
Unisex Designs
  1. Spider Tabard
  2. 3-5 Years