Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sickness Bug

I've been very quite on the blog over the last few days due to our household having the sickness bug going from one to the other. Thankfully were all on the mend now, Brandon is back at work and Alesha is back at school.

Me and Brandon enjoyed a 2 night break away to Scotland on Monday with my mum and younger sister Amy. On Tuesday morning we decided to leave the car at the hotel and met up with a family friend called Ann and we all jumped on the train to Edinburgh. We had a lovely time shopping there and also at the Christmas market.
To finish off a wonderful afternoon we decided to get on the big wheel before heading back to the tran station. Me and my mother shut our eyes and whinged like big babies whilst the wheel went around the first time haha!

On Wednesday before we set off home me and Brandon went to Celtic Football Club for a stadium tour which didn't cost us a penny as I knew some of the staff that worked there so one of the guys called James got us 2 free tickets and left them at the reception for us to pick up.

It feels so good to be home after the long journey back down yesterday, so today I am spending it with ym girls watching Christmas films whilst Brandon is at work.

Here are some recent photos but none of them are of our stay in Scotland. I'll pop them up at the weekend.

Ready for her xmas trip with school