Monday, 26 January 2015

Feel Sorry For My Baby Having To Wear Liverpool FC Clothes

I haven't started shopping yet for little sproglet, I'm 15 weeks tomorrow so still have plenty of time.
In the meantime Brandon's mam and stepdad have bought 2 Liverpool vest's and Brandon has bought a Liverpool hat!
I feel ever so sorry for my little baby when it's born having to wear Liverpool clothes etc. With me supporting Manchester United, Liverpool is the main city and team that I really dislike.

Even though the vest are about Liverpool there still really cute and so is the hat!

Really wish the days would fly by so I can have my scan and find out the sex of our baby. 
Alesha is hoping for a boy, she wanted 2 brothers at first so was a little disappointed when I had the first scan and it just showed one baby. Me on the otherhand I was relieved! 

One Starts Dance Class & One Starts Nursery

Alana, Me & Alesha
Alesha started dance class on Saturday which involves modern tap and ballet and she loves it!
Think she was more looking forward to going because we were meeting up with her school friend and her mum at the bus stop. They were both like nattering old woman sat at the bus stop and then the same on the bus, moaning about how cold it was and how the bus was taking forever haha!

She has her second lesson this Saturday before I go work (I'll be shattered by time I've finished work with all the running about).
Also happening this week is, my youngest munchkin Alana will be starting a private nursery doing 14 hours a week. It will be a lovely break for me when I'm not working, it means me and bump can relax HOORAY!
Me and Brandon think she will settle in just fine as she loves playing with other children and it will be something different rather than being stuck at home bored most the time whilst her big sister Alesha is at school.

Monday, 12 January 2015

First Picture Of Bump This Pregnancy - 12 Weeks

My first bump photo so far during this pregnancy. In this photo I was 12 weeks + 4 days I'm now 12 weeks + 6 days.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

12 Weeks Pregnant - Upside Down Baby On Scan

It feels so good to be able to finally let mine and Brandon's big secret out that were expecting our first baby together and were over the moon and so is our other 2 munchkins Alesha & Alana.

Alesha keeps asking us can we have a baby brother for her, so I think she will be looking forward to the day I have my next scan where I find out the sex. I personally would love a baby boy so I can start buying smart shirts and jeans instead of pretty frilly dresses Brandon would also like a boy as we already have 2 girls, but either way we would all still be over whelmed with joy whether it's a boy or a girl.

Brandon came along with me to the 12 week scan on Thursday, he was off work so wasn't too bad at least he didn't have to nag his manager to let him off work for an hour or so. Alesha was in school so Brandon's mother 'Nanny' babysat little legs Alana for us.
I really enjoyed having the scan and seeing Brandon's face light up with excitement when he seen our little sproglet on the screen. The baby was lying on it's which looked very strange as I'd personally never seen nor heard of a scan like it. I was assured that it was okay as it just showed the baby was fit and healthy as it was able to roll over onto its stomach already at 12 weeks being in my stomach. 
The lady was lovely and spent quite sometime trying to get the baby to turn over so we would have a scan photo on it's back like normal and an upside one as I call it haha! The baby slowly moved onto it's back for a couple of seconds and then rolled back over onto it's stomach. 
We were all glued to the screen, it was such a lovely thing to watch especially because it was my baby and mad to think that was happening inside my stomach at that moment. 

Were due our 20 week scan the beginning of March and then our bundle of joy is due 19th July. 
Alesha is looking forward to going out clothes shopping with us for her new baby brother or sister next week.