Monday, 26 January 2015

Feel Sorry For My Baby Having To Wear Liverpool FC Clothes

I haven't started shopping yet for little sproglet, I'm 15 weeks tomorrow so still have plenty of time.
In the meantime Brandon's mam and stepdad have bought 2 Liverpool vest's and Brandon has bought a Liverpool hat!
I feel ever so sorry for my little baby when it's born having to wear Liverpool clothes etc. With me supporting Manchester United, Liverpool is the main city and team that I really dislike.

Even though the vest are about Liverpool there still really cute and so is the hat!

Really wish the days would fly by so I can have my scan and find out the sex of our baby. 
Alesha is hoping for a boy, she wanted 2 brothers at first so was a little disappointed when I had the first scan and it just showed one baby. Me on the otherhand I was relieved! 

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