Monday, 26 January 2015

One Starts Dance Class & One Starts Nursery

Alana, Me & Alesha
Alesha started dance class on Saturday which involves modern tap and ballet and she loves it!
Think she was more looking forward to going because we were meeting up with her school friend and her mum at the bus stop. They were both like nattering old woman sat at the bus stop and then the same on the bus, moaning about how cold it was and how the bus was taking forever haha!

She has her second lesson this Saturday before I go work (I'll be shattered by time I've finished work with all the running about).
Also happening this week is, my youngest munchkin Alana will be starting a private nursery doing 14 hours a week. It will be a lovely break for me when I'm not working, it means me and bump can relax HOORAY!
Me and Brandon think she will settle in just fine as she loves playing with other children and it will be something different rather than being stuck at home bored most the time whilst her big sister Alesha is at school.

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