Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Website For Cheap Ballet Uniform

With Alesha now doing ballet and tap lessons she needs a pink frilly leotard and a pair of black ballet shoes and also a white pair of tap shoes.

My first stop to shop for these were our local shops in Hartlepool which sell dance uniform and shoes. I then decided to do a wide search online via Google to search if I could find any cheaper than the ones in my town. 
I was over the moon with what I found, there is quite a few websites online that sell dance uniforms at a low cost price.

The cheapest pair of soft ballet shoes I could find on my local highstreet were for £10.99. I found this pair over on www.dancedirect.com for a bargain price of £4.90.
The cheapest tap shoes in black (which is the colour Alesha needs) are priced at a wonderful £6.97.
Dancedirect is most definately worth a look for dance uniform for both adults and children, they currently have a sale on with upto 50% off some items.  

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