Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Alesha Is Now A Proud Owner Of A Pair Of Glasses

I never really suspected that Alesha needed a pair of glasses as her eye sight looked okay to make and she never complained of headache or sore eyes etc, but seen as thought I was booking myself in for an eye test check I decided to also make an appointment for Alesha.
She really enjoyed getting her eyes tested and was very well behaved, I was so proud.
The end result was she needed to wear glasses full-time and has to go back in 3 months time for a check up to see if the glasses are making any improvement to her eye sight.

Yesterday was her first day at school wearing them, she happily went in no bother she was really excited to show her friends and teacher while me on the other hand I was nervous incase other children bullied her etc. 
She came home and said her friends and her teacher liked her glasses, hearing that made me relax abit more and therefore I haven't worried as much today.


  1. My impression is that glasses have become quite fashionable over the last few years that it must filter through to kids at school. I hope her eyesight improves :-D


  2. Thanks hun, I totally agree seems like your a cool kid now if you wear glasses. x